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Your First And Only Catastrophe-Proof Claims Management System Is Finally Here.

Technology That Goes In The Field With You, Even During A Catastrophe!

Catastrophe-Proof Your Business Today

Even when a catastrophe wipes out your internet, ClaimGuru’s Catastrophe Mode makes sure your public adjusting business thrives during a catastrophe by utilizing cloud syncing technology which provides you in-the-field functionalities.

What is ClaimGuru ?

It’s no secret that the public adjusting industry hasn’t seen much in the way of technological innovation. 

As industry professionals ourselves, we knew something needed to change.

ClaimGuru is the first comprehensive Claims Management System built by—and for—public insurance adjusters. 

From automating workflows to handling claims in the field after a catastrophe, ClaimGuru turns the archaic systems you’re used to dealing with into efficient operations by streamlining the process through cutting-edge technology and  offline mobility.

Our catastrophe-proof app allows you to finally scale your business with ease.

Offline management
anytime, anywhere

ClaimGuru’s Catastrophe Mode allows you to input client data, execute contracts (LOR), add notes, scan and upload documents, and perform other tasks on the fly. All without needing a cellular signal or Wi-Fi connection.

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 8.21.28 AM

Mobile Claims 

A system that automates workflows and allows you control of your claims, clients, and vendor assignments straight from the field with your mobile device.

Mobile document
creation and distribution

Create token-driven templates in the web app that can be populated and sent to the carriers, clients, and vendors while in the field.

Claims handling
guidance step-by-step

We get it — we’re public adjusters too. We’re here to make business simple. ClaimGuru is designed to help streamline your workflow to make the claims handling process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Public Adjuster
percentage calculations

Tired of trying to keep track of the percentages owed to your adjusters? 

ClaimGuru helps you keep track of the percentages owed to your adjusters on a claim by claim basis.

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 9.41.28 AM

PhotoID integration

Our integration with Uscope Technologies allows you seamless communication with the PhotoID app so you can capture and create detailed photo reports.

Assign vendors 
directly from the start

Easily input and assign vendors from the ClaimGuru app. Your vendors can upload their documents directly to the claim file. 


No Internet, No Problem!

With ClaimGuru’s Catastrophe Mode you no longer have to worry about paper contracts, scanning documents, lost documents, or redundant time-consuming data entry.

It’s time to welcome the most efficient claims management system that was built with the most innovative technology in the industry. Designed specifically to help you scale your business with ease even when there is no internet.

ClaimGuru Benefits

Offline access in the field

Mobile Claims

Mobile Document Creation & Distribution

Claims Handling

Public Adjuster Percentage Calculations

PhotoID Integration from Phone

Vendor Assignment From the Field

World Class Public
Adjuster Team

World class software development Team

Time Saved Through Efficient & Automated Workflows

Optimized Workflow Processes

Features Coming Soon!


Calendar Management

A Client

Real-Time Notifications

Custom Automations


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Our Story

Joshua Osteen, our founder, and the seasoned public adjuster is known by his peers as the person that will find the most efficient and simplest way from Point A to Point B to free up time and save energy so that more can be done in a day.

After handling thousands of insurance claims, Josh pinpointed numerous areas where the “industry standard” workflows and procedures wasted enormous amounts of time, were extremely complex, and required unnecessary manpower.

With an extensive background in contracting, claims management, and creating simplified, duplicatable workflow processes, Josh decided to develop an innovative solution for Public Adjusters.

One that’s finally available to you.

We at ClaimGuru are dedicated to helping the industry grow and you staying on top of your game through automation, innovation, and the power of mobile technology.

Because you deserve more than just a database or a tool to store client data! You deserve software that works for you!


Our Founder

Can you currently handle more clients?

You can now.

With the most innovative software to hit the industry in the palm of your hands, you will have the ability to handle more claims.

What Are The Benefits?

ClaimGuru provides you the ability to:


The First and Only Catastrophe-Proof Claim Management System For Public Adjusters

Introductory Rates — DON’T MISS OUT!

Firm Package

$250 / month

Start your 30 Day Free Trial

Additional licenses at $50/mo

* Paid Vendor roles are limited

Individual Package

$125 / month

Start your 30 Day Free Trial

Enterprise Package


Everything you need to know about claimguru product billing and payment

It is our goal to provide the most innovative and complete system for our industry. We’re always here to listen to the industry and what it needs however, if for any reason you decide ClaimGuru is not for you. 

Then you can cancel at anytime. !

Users can sign up and manage claims, leads, and clients directly from their mobile device instead of a desktop even without Wi-Fi or cell service.
With the ClaimGuru app, data will sync automatically when your internet connection is restored.

We also make it extremely easy to send and complete documents, letters, and proof of losses. 

As public adjusters ourselves, you can trust that we know what the industry needs, that we are always listening to what the industry is asking for, and always looking for ways to better the industry.

Streamlining the PIA processes and making your life easier is our goal.

Your one-stop for managing
and handling claims

Manage your claims with Claimguru